Daydream Island

by John on June 6, 2013


We recently spent time on Daydream Island in the Whitsundays, practicing photography techniques that will elevate our skills to a higher level. My partner, Tanya, has underwater photography gear that produces some amazing images.

We chose Daydream Island as a practice ground for the easy access to tropical waters and because we know the position of the fringing reef, it’s variety of stunning coral, and abundance of tropical fish that are eager to make your acquaintance.

A 3 night stay on a tropical island sounds like a perfect holiday, and normally it is. But hey, we were there to work our butts off, not laze around the pool. We certainly could not take the time to enjoy a spa and massage or have fun sailing catamarans, riding jets skis or laying back in a hammock enjoying the warmth of the late autumn sun.

No, we were there for work. So it was up before sunrise, out to the best vantage point to capture the rising sun with our digital cameras, and after a sumptuous breakfast that Daydream provides, continue our planned agenda for the day, which included snorkeling for hours and hours, and testing certain photography techniques which we hoped would produce some useable images of under and over shots around the island.

I have already mentioned that we chose Daydream Island because as locals, we know the island well. We consider that if the water visibility is good, the Daydream Island fringing reef at Lovers Cover is as good as any fringing reef in The Whitsundays. And we know that at low tide there is a variety of corals, just meters from the shore line, that would be perfect for what we wanted to produce.

I won’t go into the specifics of the over and under photography techniques, I will leave that for Tanya to explain over on SLR Photography Guide. The images themselves will tell you of the beauty of Daydream Island, the ease of snorkeling a coral reef and what you can see under the water at Lovers Cove.

These are real photos. They took time and patience to produce and are just a few from many hundreds of failures. We entered the image at the top of this post in the Daydream Island Facebook competition and are thrilled that it was chosen as their first winner. It is now proudly featured as their Facebook cover image for this month.

Daydream Island is a wonderful place for a relaxing holiday. Daydream Island is also a great place to work your butts off and produce some very unique images. Click on the images to see a larger file, some of these will be printed and hung in our home.

I had to spend hours swimming up toward the camera until Tanya decided that she achieved the right image.

There’s a bommie just meters from the waters edge at Lovers Cove, which is great for seeing different corals and a variety of fish. Lovers Cove is a picturesque spot for weddings, snorkeling and one of the best locations on the island for sunset photography.

Don’t forget to look for Nemo while snorkeling at Lovers Cove. You can also find Nemo in Daydream Island’s Living Reef.


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