Whitsundays Open for Business

by John on January 9, 2011

Image showing sunny day at Airlie Beach Lagoon.

What a day. Airlie Beach Lagoon at it's best. How could you not enjoy the water when the weather is perfect.

While a large part of Queensland is in flood, there is no problems north of Rockhampton and in particular, the Whitsundays is open for business and looking great.

If you are travelling south from North Queensland, it would be very wise to stop in the Whitsundays at the moment, as roads south of Mackay are closed and you cannot drive into Rockhampton.

This may be a little of an inconvenience, yet a blessing in disguise at the same time, giving you a wonderful opportunity to sample the delights that give the Whitsundays such a great reputation at home and overseas.

Today (Sunday Jan 9) the area just couldn’t get much better. The weather was a balmy 29 degrees and the water calm and inviting. Boaties were in heaven, tour boats were almost full and the Airlie Lagoon a most welcome place for those not out on a cruise or day trip to an island.

Don’t worry about the floods, the Whitsundays are open and waiting for you to enjoy. Come and experience the Whitsundays for yourself. Stay at Airlie Beach or one of the many tropical island resorts just off the coast. Take a day trip to the Great Barrier Reef or just laze around the fabulous saltwater lagoon at Airlie.

There are hundreds of things to do in the Whitsundays. Snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, swimming, dancing or romancing. The Whitsundays is the perfect destination to enjoy life.


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