Whales Southern Migration

by John on August 31, 2009

We mentioned about the whales heading south from the Whitsundays in the last blog post and can confirm that whales are still being sighted off the coast from Mackay.

We also mentioned that we would try to follow this up with a photo or two and just this evening were lucky enough to get a shot of a whale blowing from the Mackay Marina Point.

The whale was a fair distance off shore, perhaps 400 to 500 meters away, but with the trusty Canon DSLR and a 300mm zoom lens, we captured a shot to prove that they are on their way south. You can see the whale blow to the left of the image. Those aboard the yacht would have had a great view.  

This Sunday we are heading on a fathers day cruise from Mackay to Whitsunday Island, which is the location of the beautiful Whitehaven Beach. The cruise takes 2 1/2 hours from the marina to Whitehaven Beach and with the amount of whales that have been reported in the waters of the Whitsundays, surely we will get some fabulous photos.

If you are a Mackay local or visiting the area on Sunday, get down to the Mackay Marina and hop on board the MV 2001 for a fabulous day cruise. Boarding commences at 7.30 am for a 8.00 am departure. Cost is $140 for an adult and of course children and pensioners get a discount. Lunch is included, plus free snorkeling gear is provided.

Give Reefstar Cruises a ring for full details or visit their website at www.reefstarcruises.com.au This is going to be a fabulous day so don’t miss this one!

Anyway, we hope to have some close up photos of whales in the Whitsundays and look for our review of the Whitehaven Beach cruise from Mackay. I’m sure we will have a great time and hope to see you on board as well. Just look for the couple with the big cameras, that’ll be us. :)  


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