Whale Sightings Slade Point

by John on August 25, 2009

Yesterday I blogged about seeing whales heading north from the Mackay Marina, Queensland. Today at the same point, we spotted several pods of whales heading south.

Anyone on the Slade Point Lookout, or walking along Lamberts Beach, would have had a front row seat to an amazing show. A pod of about 6 whales, with young calves, were in close to the shoreline.

The whole pod moved southward and swam between Slade Rock and the Marina wall, giving everyone fabulous views of these amazing creatures. (Slade Rock is a small rocky island just out from the harbour mouth.)

It is a very exciting time for anyone who wants to see humpbacks migrating, with visitors and locals alike expecting to continue seeing whales in the Whitsundays and the waters off Mackay for the next month at least.

Stay tuned to this blog as we will be going to the Mackay Harbour every morning and again in the evenings, this time taking our cameras with us. Hopefully we can have some good images of the migrating humpbacks soon.


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