How to add IPad wallpaper to your Ipad

by John on June 6, 2010

We have been giving blog readers some IPad wallpaper photos to download, but if your new to Apple stuff and not that savvy, adding wallpaper to your IPad could be a tad confusing at first.

SLR Photography Guide has a quick tutorial with visual screen shots that will show you exactly how to add wallpaper to your IPad. Now you can enjoy downloading some fabulous images from all over the world, or make your own wallpapers from your favorite photos.

We will also be continuing the series of IPad wallpapers that we have been posting as feedback has been great, especially the exif data on the images,. Thanks for the emails but don’t forget that you can add comments to the blog post directly, which would actually help us as we don’t have to send extra time in the email client. Your blog posts will also help other IPad users.

Look for our next photo that can be downloaded for your IPad tomorrow. We enjoy making the wallpapers from our photo library and hope you enjoy seeing the images too.  Enjoy!


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