Taronga Zoo Baby Elephant

by John on October 22, 2009

A few months ago I saw the new arrival at Taronga Zoo, Luk Chai the baby elephant, and fell in love with him. I thought at the time you would have to visit the zoo soon before he grew bigger and lost his cuteness. 2 months on and I had the opportunity to visit the zoo again and was surprised that the baby elephant hadn’t grown that much bigger since the last visit.

Luk Chai is still as cute as he was back in August and still attracting the crowds to watch his antics. If your lucky to be there in the mornings, you may see him being bathed by the keepers and you can tell that he really enjoys the water, like all Asian elephants do.

It is great to see the important breeding program that Taronga Zoo has undertaken with the endangered Asian Elephants and visitors and others can help this program succeed by donating to the elephant program. You can help in more ways than one, by either visiting the zoo personally, with each dollar you spend at the zoo helping the ongoing program, plus you can donate or sponsor an animal online.




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