Sydney Dinner Cruises

by John on January 6, 2010

We recently visited Sydney to gather various stock photographs for upcoming projects and make reviews for various Sydney attractions and harbour cruises. We are happy to report that we took one dinner cruise that was right up there with the biggest players, and a cruise that was simply fun.

The dinner cruise  that we thought the best was aboard the Tall Ship Southern Swan. This particular dinner cruise gave us a relaxed and enjoyable 2 plus hours of sightseeing fun under sail on the worlds best harbour. The crew really make you feel at home, so to speak, and their light hearted banter can put a smile on the most dour of faces. I think they could actually make my mother-in-law smile, which would be a monumental task for anyone.

While sailing around the beautiful Sydney Harbour, you can opt to simply sit and enjoy the sights, join the crew and hoist the sails or take a turn at steering the Southern Swan, under the skippers watch of course. There’s a complimentary drink and the buffet dinner is superb.

So next time you are in Sydney and feel like a cruise, take this different option and enjoy the informal atmosphere aboard the Southern Swan, an authentic sailing vessel with sound history and fabulous crew. Read more about this cruise on our Tall Ship Dinner Cruise review page

But if you want to go a little up market, like to get dressed up and perhaps take a cruise to impress a special someone, then the Sydney Showboat Cabaret Cruise is ideal as a romantic evening or for any special occasion. It is not as laid back as the Tall Ship Cruise and a little more expensive, but it does have a charm of it’s own and the Cabaret Show is fantastic.

In our opinion, these two dinner cruises are the best Sydney offers in value for money and pure enjoyment. The Tall Ship Cruise is very informal and very relaxed, while the Showboat Cabaret Cruise is more structured and up market. Both give excellent service and both are very enjoyable.  


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