Baby Elephant

by John on August 13, 2009

babyelephant2.jpgDon’t wait too long before you go and see the new born baby elephant at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo. Named Luk Chai – which in Thai means “son”, the little one is growing fast and you must see him before his cuteness grows out of him.

Luk Chai is remarkable because he is the very first elephant to be born in Australia. Taronga Zoo has embarked on a historic breeding program with their Asian elephants in both Taronga and Dubbo zoo’s and are planning on Luk Chai’s birth as just the beginning.

You can sit and watch the elephants for hours and you will notice just how thoughtful all the elephants are when the small baby elephant is around. The other females take the role of caring aunts and are quite protective of little Luk Chai. They allow the mother, Thong Dee, some time out for a brief rest from her motherly duties.

Like all little boys, Luk Chai is very playful and enjoys picking up logs with his trunk, playing on old tyres and of course, what boy doesn’t like playing in mud. The keepers have started playing soccer with Luc Chai and he seems to love kicking the inflatable ball back to them.

The breeding program is an important step in ensuring these beautiful creatures do not become extinct. It is estimated that there is only 35,000 Asian Elephants left on earth, with their natural habitat fast disappearing due to land development. Some experts predict that the Asian Elephant could become extinct within 20 years because of population growth in Asia.

Go along to Taronga Zoo and see the baby elephant Luc Chai soon. He is totally adorable and don’t forget to take your camera for a few hundred fabulous photos of the little one with his mother and adoring aunts.


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Tanya Ann August 13, 2009 at 11:07 pm

I went to Taronga a few weeks back and yes, took hundreds of photographs of this baby elephant. It was amazing to see it so playful. Playing with old tyres must be its favorite past-time. It was also interesting to watch him trying to climb up onto the large rocks / boulders. I wouldn’t have thought an elephant would try to climb. Sad to hear that experts think it will become extinct within 20 years :(
Kind Regards.

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