Mama Mia Musical Stage Show Review

by John on January 8, 2010

Mamma Mia MusicalIf your thinking about seeing Mama Mia in Sydney, you better make up your mind soon, as the season closes mid February. Currently playing at the Lyric Theatre, Star City, Mamma Mia is one show you really shouldn’t miss.

Right from the opening scene, you are drawn into the story and you feel for the poor girl who just wants to meet her real father on her wedding day. You will be laughing at the comedy, tapping your toes to the music of ABBA and singing along to the familiar songs.

The show is excellent from go to whoa, and one of the most enjoyable I have seen. The cast does a superb job of re-creating the characters you may have seen in the movie, yet on-stage live, there is that certain quality that cannot be captured on film. One things for sure, on-stage the voice of the leading male performer is miles better than in the movie. No offence to Pierce Brosnan intended.

As the curtain draws to a close and the performers take their bows to a standing ovation, you are treated to an extra special performance where you can dance along with the cast and sing those age old favorite ABBA songs at the top of your voice. This tops off a night of pure enjoyment.

We highly recommend Mamma Mia to all. Make sure you see it before it’s gone.


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