Whitsundays Underwater Snorkelling Videos

by John on March 19, 2011

We here at Funtours create many good photography projects, and where we live, the beautiful Whitsundays, provide us with limitless opportunities to try out new technology and equipment. Underwater video is fast becoming a favorite as the Great Barrier Reef is part of our backyard.

We often post 10 best photos from somewhere we have been to carry out work or research. This time the post is our 3 favorite underwater videos taken in the fabulous Whitsundays.

The first video is awesome. Snorkelling with turtles is the greatest buzz you could have.

This footage was taken just off Catseye Beach, which is the main beach at Hamilton Island. Hamilton Island is the most popular of the island resorts of The Whitsundays.

While all of the islands have fringing reefs, the turtles at Hamilton Island seem to be always in the vicinity, so there’s every chance you can snorkel with these magnificent marine creatures when spending some time on the island.

The second video was taken just a few days after tropical cyclone Yasi devastated parts of the Queensland coast.

The water isn’t as clear as it usually is, but when you consider the awesome ferocity that Cyclone Yasi produced and the damage it left in it’s wake, it is amazing that the water is as clear as it is.

This video was taken on Daydream Island’s fringing reef at Lovers Cove. Lovers Cove is a really good spot to snorkel as the coral is visible just meters from the shore.

Lastly we have a video shot on the Great Barrier Reef. If you get the opportunity, a day trip to the reef with Fantasea Cruises is fabulous. Fantasea has a permanent floating pontoon, Reefworld, situated on Hardy Reef, a reef that is 50 kilometers long and 5 kilometers wide.

The snorkeling is superb at Hardy Reef, which you can easily see in this video.

All this video was taken with a Canon Powershot D10 underwater camera. You don’t need expensive equipment to make underwater video’s.


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