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by John on March 4, 2011

Image of someone taking underwater photos.

Now anyone can become an underwater photographer with inexpensive waterproof camers. The best place to practice your skills is on fringing reefs along the Queensland coast.

All along the Queensland coast there are exciting opportunities for underwater photography.

The real good news is that underwater photography is no longer the domain of the professionals with sophisticated equipment. Amateurs can purchase inexpensive waterproof point and click cameras that can take amazing underwater shots, just like the pros.

Because the Great Barrier Reef runs parrallel to the Queensland coast from almost the tip of Cape York to the waters off The Town of 1770, the snorkelling opportunities are endless. All you need is to know how to swim.

Snorkeling from the beach at Green Island Cairns.

Great underwater photography can be found just off the beach at many of the islands along the Queensland coast. this image shows the close proximity of the fringing reef at Green Island Cairns.

We have enjoyed snorkelling the fringing reefs around Green Island near Cairns, through the Whitsundays Islands, off the beach at Great Keppel Island near Yeppoon and fell totally in love with the fabulous Lady Musgrave Island, the southern most coral quay of The Great Barrier Reef.

As you can see, awesome snorkeling sites are to be found anywhere up and down the Queensland coast. Another bonus is that it doesn’t cost big piles of money to see coral quays and all the fabulous marine life that exists in these fringing reefs.

Image of fringing reef at Daydream Island Whitsundays.

Fringing reefs, such as this one at Daydream Island in The Whitsundays, are easily accessed just meters from the shore. You can take a day trip to Daydream island for just $40 and hire snorkelling equipment once you are there.

Day trips where you can snorkel on fringing reefs cost somewhere between $50 and $100 per adult. The price really depends how far from the coast you have to travel.

For example you can take a day cruise from Airlie Beach in the Whitsundays to Daydream Island for just $40 pp return with Cruise Whitsundays.

Daydream Island is not far from the mainland and there are no inclusions with the cruise. However a cruise from the Town of 1770 to Lady Musgrave Island will cost $175.00 per adult with morning tea, lunch, snorkelling equipment provided, glass bottom boat tours, underwater viewing chambers and a guided island walk all included in the price. Believe me, the cruise to Lady Musgrave Island is one you will remember forever.

It is the thrill of seeing beautiful coral and such an abundance of marine life that will completely addict you to underwater photography. Our home is in The Whitsundays, but we can attest that other areas are just as good as the beautiful waters around our backyard.

Snorkelling with turtles at Hamilton Island Whitsundays.

You will never forget the thrill of snorkelling the waters close to a turtle. There is something so magical that you realise that the environment must be saved so our children and grandchildren can also enjoy swimming with these gentle creatures. Yours truly snorkelling with turtles on Catseye Beach, hamilton Island.

So grab an underwater camera, take a cruise which includes all snorkeling gear in the price and take the plunge anywhere off the Queensland coast to experience this fabulous underwater world yourself. Queensland is open for business and of course we suggest spending some of your free time in the beautiful Whitsundays. The Whitsundays is full of turtles and once you have experienced snorkelling in the same waters as turtles, you will be totally hooked.

Our 3 most highly rated day cruises for underwater photography, considering both price and experience would be Big Cat Green Island Cruise from Cairns. Snorkeling off Catseye Beach on Hamilton Island (always turtles) and the fabulous fringing reef of Lady Musgrave Island.


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