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by John on December 22, 2010

Image depiction moving train of Kuranda Scenic Rail.

You get a sense of speed in this image taken on the Kuranda Scenic Railway.

I wanted to make a blog post showing my favorite travel images taken during 2010. I thought perhaps 10 images would be enough yet didn’t imagine how hard it would be to choose the best 10 travel images from the hundreds and hundreds of photos that was taken during 2010.

Sunset image taken at Slade Point, Queensland

Sunset image taken at McCready's Creek, Slade Point, Queensland. Slade Point is a suburb of Mackay.

Sunsets seemed to feature quite regularly as I sorted through the mass of images and of course the Whitsundays is heavily featured.

Why would anyone choose to live in the Whitsundays if they didn’t think it one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Beach image taken at Long Island Queensland.

Coconut palms line the beach at Long Island, Whitsundays. Just one of the 74 tropical Islands that make up the Whitsundays.

Famous Australian photographers, such as Ken Duncan, also regard the Whitsundays as somewhere very special, with Ken in particular saying that the Whitsundays is his personal favorite phtography destination. Very high endorsment from such an accomplished photographer.

Image of old cameras at Clermont Museum, Queensland.

Collection of old cameras at the small, yet well stocked Clermont Museum. Clermont is a small township of wonderful friendly people some 300 kms west of Mackay, Central Queensland.

It is amazing when you look back on your year the memories that photos invoke.

Some of the technically worst images are the ones that are put into the favorites folder. Sometimes the weather conditions were not perfect for photography but the image is still a favorite because of the memory of the day.

Other times a photo is a personal favorite because of the actual location.

Bird trainer displaying a Southern Boobook Owl at Cairns Tropical Zoo.

Cairns Tropical Zoo has one of the best birdshows in Australia. Here a keeper displays the talents of a Southern Boobook Owl.

I didn’t include any photos of my grandchildren. I was tempted, as they are clearly my favorite images of 2010, but how could I justify them as true travel photographs even if I had to travel thousands of miles to see them.

I also would have loved to include my favorite photographs that my partner captured, but her images make mine look very bad.

mermaids sitting on rocks at Daydream Island Resort Whitsundays.

Mermaids beckon passing ships to call into the wonderful Daydream Island Resort Whitsundays.

Being fortunate enough to travel regularly gives one an insight to how beautiful is nature and how majestic man made structures can be.

For example, the photograph of the 3 mermaids at Daydream Island Resort showcase man’s inventiveness whilst pitting them against one of the worlds best waterways, the Molle Passage in the wonderful Whitsundays.

Image of sailing boat washed onto rocks during Cyclone Ului, March 2010.

Cyclone Ului caused a lot of damage in the Whitsundays in March 2010. Here a sailing yacht has been washed onto the rocks at Airlie Beach.

As 2010 draws to an end, through these photos I will always remember the places we had travelled and the many myriad experiences that the wonderful year gave us.

2010 is a year we huddled together during Cyclone Ului. A year when we moved house to the fantastic Whitsundays. A year where new friendships have been forged and old bonds strengthened. Like every year, 2010 has had it’s ups and downs, low points and highs and it will be a year well documented and always remembered because of our cameras wherever we travelled.

Now we eagerly await the new year and the adventures that lay before us.

Image showing snorkeler on fringing reef of Green Island Cairns.

Snorkeling the fringing reef of Green Island, Cairns.

Image of Maheno Shipwreck Fraser Island.

One of the most photographed shipwrecks, the unfortunate Maheno, stuck fast in the sand of Fraser Island, Queensland.

reflections at Abel Point Marina Whitsundays.

Abel Point Marina is the staging point for Cruise Whitsundays, a leading tourism company in the fabulous Whitsundays.


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