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by John on December 14, 2012

The Port Douglas Wildlife Habitat is arguably the best day tour in the area. Not only does it house a fabulous array of native birds, there are koalas, tree kangaroos, crocodiles, wallabies and a few snakes, just what the Australia bush delivers each and every day.

You can find our full review of Port Douglas Wildlife Habitat on our webpage. Here we will simply give you more images of what you can see and enjoy on a day tour. It really is one of the best wildlife sanctuary’s we have seen.

Tree Kangaroo

The image above is of a young and rare Lumholt’s Tree Kangaroo, which the Wildlife Habitat has successfully bred in captivity. (Click image for larger size.)

Star Finch

The Star Finch is now extremely rare in the wild. Such a shame as they are beautiful birds that need to be protected. (Click image for larger size.)

Black Necked Stork and chics

The Black Neck Stork and it’s chics. Wonder how big the eggs would have been? (Click image for larger size.)


You can hand feed wallabys at the wildlife Habitat. Children of all ages love patting these animals. (Click image for larger size.)

Eclectus Parrot

While you are having lunch at the cafe, staff members bring a variety of birds that you can hold for photographs. Tanya is holding a Green Electus Parrot. (Click image for larger size.)


Such beautiful creatures, yet in the wild Cassowary’s can be very dangerous. Their large claws could inflict deep wounds if they attack. There are 2 Cassowary’s at the Wildlife Habitat. (Click image for larger size.)

black necked stork

Black Neck Stork leaving the nest. Their wing span is huge. (Click image for larger size.)

Black Cockatoo

This is a young female Black Cockatoo. These are quite common along the coast and outback. Beautiful bird. You can have your photo taken holding one while enjoying lunch at the habitat cafe.


Small and beautiful, the Cockatiel is colorful and cute.

Electus Parrot

The female Electus Parrot mates with many males so that each will think they are the father and supply food to their chics.


Don’t be afraid of this emu. He is very friendly and doesn’t mind a pat.

Tawny Frogmouth

Tawny Frogmouths are not owls, although they are often mistaken for them. They live in pairs and mate until one of them dies. Tawny Frogmouths are also known as Mopokes.

As you can see from these images, which are just some of the fantastic species of birds and animals on display, the Port Douglas Wildlife habitat is a really special place. When you are in Port Douglas make sure the Wildlife Habitat is on your must do itinerary.


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