Agincourt Reef Cruise

by John on December 15, 2012

One of the most enjoyable day tours from either Cairns or Port Douglas is the Quicksilver Agincourt Reef cruise aboard one of their big Wavepiercer Catamarans. Everything you need for a great day on the Great Barrier Reef is supplied, plus there are some extras that you can participate in that will make your trip a little bit special.

One of the things that I found good was the visibility at Agincourt Reef. Being from The Whitsundays, I may have set out on the day a little biased about our own reef trips from Airlie Beach, yet the moment I put my head under the water at Agincourt Reef, I was immediately taken with not just the clear blue water, the reef itself was in beautiful condition.

When you can look across a living reef and see many different species of coral, huge fish and many other marine life that seem in perfect nick, it is really satisfying to consider that, although hundreds of tourists each day snorkel and dive in this very spot, little damaged is done by their activities.

We will let the images do most of the talking on this blog, remember to click on each image to see the larger file. I will be making a full review on the Funtours website shortly. Suffice to say, if you are considering taking the Quicksilver cruise to Agincourt Reef sometime in the future, don’t hesitate. From someone who has snorkeled the Great Barrier Reeef many times, this cruise, and Agincourt Reef itself, is first class.

Agincourt Reef

You can see in this image the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef. Many different species of coral live on Agincourt Reef.

Taking underwater photography

My partner loves underwater photography and is well equipped. Images shown on this blog post was taken with an underwater point and click camera, Canon G10. You can see my partners underwater images here!

Scissortailed Sergeant Major Damselfish

Scissor Tailed Damselfish are one of the most common fish on the Great Barrier Reef.

Clownfish or Nemo

Nemo movies have made the tiny Clownfish or anemonefish famous. No trip to the Great barrier Reef would be complete without seeing some Nemo’s hiding in anemones for safety.


Huge Parrotfish clean the dead coral by eating the skeletal remains, which allows new coral to grow. The parrotfish then poops out sand, so next time you are lying on a beach, that sand could have come from a coral reef via a parrotfish.

Scuba diving on Agincourt Reef

Introductory dives or certified dives are extras that make the Quicksilver Cruise more enjoyable for many passengers.

Helmut Walking Agincourt Reef

Another of the special added attractions on the Quicksilver Cruise is the popular Hemut Walker. As you can see in the image above, it is like those divers of old where a helmut is on your head as you go underwater and oxygen is delivered through a pipe.

Humphead Parrotfish

There are some huge fish on Agincourt Reef and this large Humphead Parrotfish is just one of the resident beauties.

Snorkeling, diving, glass bottom boats, semi submarines, helmut walking, helicopter flights, sumptuous and delicious buffet lunch and a relaxing cruise each way from Port Douglas Marina. The Quicksilver Cruise is equal to any we have ever taken to the magnificent Great Barrier Reef. Thumbs up for this one!


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