Whitehaven Beach IPad Wallpaper

by John on June 5, 2010

The Apple IPad will be a boon for frequent travelers, allowing an easy way to check emails, make blogs and store those precious travel photos while on the go. With an IPad, it is possible to travel lighter. No need to lug around the heavy laptop as the IPad can do almost whatever the laptop can, as long as you don’t want to carry out a full blown work load. You can have movies, e-books, music, all at your fingertips, allowing less luggage for your weary back.

Plus you can set your IPad wallpaper  to your favorite photograph, which brings me to the purpose of this blog post.

I have made up a few IPad wallpapers, that can be downloaded for free, of some of the best Australian travel hot spots. I will add to this wallpaper list regularly, with information of the location and photo exif data for those new and interested photographers who like to learn from others. They will be specially sized to fit the IPad, no matter what orientation you hold your IPad.

Whitehaven BeachThe first is a photo of the second best beach in the world, Whitehaven Beach, a true jewel  in the beautiful Whitsundays. To download this to your IPad click the image, which will bring up the full size, and save this to your IPad. If you are looking at the image in an RSS feed IPad app, click this link in Safari for the full size image.

You can learn more about Whitehaven Beach here and if you are visiting the Whitsundays, make sure you take a cruise to this beautiful beach, as if is totally untouched and a real tropical paradise.

This is the first in the series of free IPad wallpapers and largely a test. If you want to make your own IPad wallpapers the SLR Photography Guide blog will be posting full instructions very soon.

Watch out for the next IPad wallpaper we will be uploading. It is a truly unique photograph that evokes different feelings.


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