Novotel on Darling Harbour Sydney

by John on October 22, 2009

Novotel Hotels are usually good value, upmarket hotels, with fabulous facilities and excellent service. The Novotel on Darling Harbour, Sydney, has become a firm favorite of yours truly and are now offering specials, adding even greater value to an already competitive price. I have made a review of Novotel on Darling Harbour before, yet thought I would be letting you down if I didn’t update the review and let you know about the special offers.

Novotel on Darling Harbour is a four star hotel that lives up to that rating. Spacious and well equiped rooms are complimented with really comfortable beds and the best pillows that can be found in any hotel I have ever slept in. I’ll tell you a little more about those pillows later in this post.

With fabulous views over Darling Harbour and Sydney City for those who book a Darling Harbour view room, the extra cost involved to stay in a room with a view is far offset by the pleasure you will recieve. You could stay by the window all day just enjoying the view, and at night the scene is even more memorable.

You can access those specials online by either checking out the Hotel Club rates or at the Novotels website “specials page” itself. Sometimes the Hotel Club rates are the cheapest and are the best deals, with breakfast included in the price.

Now for a review of those pillows that I mentioned earlier.

These pillows are right up there with the best I have found in any hotel. They are soft 100% duck feather pillows, that mold to the way you like them. Want them flat, push down and they will stay that way. Want them high, fluff them up to what you require. The luxury pillows shape themselves around your head and seem like your favorite pillow at home. No more will you wish you had your own pillow. At Novotel on Darling Harbour, you won’t miss a good nights sleep because your pillow is the wrong shape, that’s for sure. And best of all you can now purchase these pillows online



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