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by John on September 27, 2010

It is sad to read that website Trip Advisor, one of the most trusted websites for hotel reviews on the net, are facing a class action litigation because of some bad reviews from their readers. It’s sad because if the reviews are actually from real people who have visited those venues and they have had a bad experience, then their experiences should be allowed to be expressed to others who are interested to listen to their vents.

Of course readers to such forums as Trip Advisor should also realize that some people down-mouth a certain establishment for the most minor inconvenience. We here at funtours once had a facility for reader reviews, yet decided to stop the feature because of the overwhelming job of sorting through what sounded like real experiences from those who just wanted to spam the forum to get their website URL listed. Then of course there was the automatic robot spammers that dumped hundreds of bogus comments, so it was a no brainer for us to cease user reviews. We now do our own reviews personally and hardly ever have had a bad experience when travelling. There have been times when there was confusion with bookings or some features that were included when making the booking, usually these can be sorted out in a few minutes without too much hassle. If a room is not the cleanest, it can be cleaned again if you ask. Amazing what can be achieved if you keep a cool head.

Trip Adviser has built a reputation upon real people submitting real reviews, so much so that it is the number one website to check for those wanting to book hotels worldwide. Of course there will be good experiences and bad experiences. If the reader is intelligent, they will normally be able to see past some frivolous or bad comments and rate comments themselves on an average of reviews. If the majority of reviewers give a certain establishment bad reviews, then there is usually something wrong. If it looks like a dead fish, smells like a dead fish, it usually is a dead fish. Usually you get what you pay for, with cheaper hotels giving a lesser experience, but that is your choice when choosing your accommodation in the first place.

Without going into the rights and wrongs of this class action, if it does happen and the legal action succeeds, it will be the consumers that will suffer, as any reviews from that day on will have to be in favor of the establishment. That will be the end of websites such as Trip Advisor, a sad day indeed.


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