Green Island Cruise

by John on December 16, 2012

Green Island Cairns

Green island is a popular day cruise destination and one that you must take when visiting Cairns. The Big Cat cruise from the Cairns marina is probably the best choice, as it gives you many options for a day of fun once your feet are planted on Green Island.

Just a word of warning, make sure you book in advance. We had the misfortune of missing out one day due to fronting up about an hour before departure and thinking we could get a seat. Wrong!

Didn’t matter, as we booked for the next day there and then to ensure we had our day on Green island. We had been there before and was excited about returning.

Taking the Big Cat Green Island cruise gives you free access to glass bottom boat tours, semi-submersible coral viewing and snorkeling equipment. As you can imagine, with all those features, this is a cruise that is well worth the money.

The great thing about Green Island is you can snorkel straight from the beach.

The amount of coral may not be as abundant as out on the Great Barrier Reef, yet it is sufficient for anyone who loves seeing coral and other marine life. There are huge parrotfish, large clams and many other species of marine life that is found on most tropical reefs.

There are sand patches between coral where beginner snorkelers can stand without damaging the coral to adjust their goggles, de-fog, or just have a rest. That’s important at times, especially for beginners.

The more experienced snorkeler can venture out to near the end of the jetty. This is where the larger fish are located. Take a look between the jetty pylons, huge schools of barred rabbitfish, garfish and other species seem to make their home under the jetty boardwalk.

If you can time the tides to your advantage, as the tide turns from low and begins to come in, take a look on the left side of the jetty when facing the island. We counted a dozen turtles feeding in the sea grass the day of our trip.

Below is a small selection of underwater images that we took at Green Island. Click the image to see a larger shot.

We recommend the Big Cat Green Island Cruise and will be taking it again and again, each time we visit Cairns.













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