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Sydney Museum

Museum dinosaur exhibition image. Dinosaurs, skeletons and ancient artifacts. Fossils, precious rocks, extinct animals. Australian Museum Sydney is a fascinating look into the myriad world of geography, geology and living creatures. Visit Australia Museum for hours of informative and fabulous facts.

Located across the road from Hyde Park, the museum is easy to get to with trains and buses stopping close by, or it is an easy walk through Hyde Park from the city centre.

With a huge amount of exhibitions on display, you must plan to allow quite a few hours to fully enjoy what the Sydney museum has for every visitor.

What You Can See At The Museum

Image of giant wombat or Diprotodon. The world as we know it was formed millions of years ago and if you want to delve into it's history there is no better place in Sydney than the Australian Museum.

One of the best exhibits at this time is the Dinosaurs exhibition on Level 2, with 10 complete dinosaur skeletons and eight-life-sized models.

Here you can see how huge these creatures were and read some very interesting facts on their eating habits and the type of environment they existed in during their reign on earth.

There are many theories as to why they became extinct and one day science will have the answers. Until then we can be amazed at their size and imagine how the planet must have looked with these massive creatures roaming the land.

There is a really interesting exhibit on our Australian dinosaurs and extinct giant animals. It is amazing to see what looks like a giant wombat, called a Diprotodon. Diprotodons are related to koalas and wombats but are from an entirely different family, diprotodontids, which was found in Australia and New Guinea and are of course extinct.

There were some 30 different species in the diprotodonis family, with the Diprotodon having the crown of being the largest marsupial ever to roam the earth.

Ferocious hairy marsupial lion image. Another of our own fabulous creatures from the past is a model of a hairy marsupial lion. These were thought to range in size from around a domestic cat to the size of a panther. While they may look like a ferocious cat they are actually related to koalas, wombats and possums.

Did you know we even had kangaroos with fangs and huge dromornithids, a group of large flightless birds known only to exist in Australia. Come along to the Australian Museum and learn all about our rich and fabulous dinosaur past.

There is also a good Indigenous Australian exhibition. A comprehensive Australian birds exhibition where you can learn about the biology of birds, find out the names of certain backyard species and listen to the various songs different species sing, plus see Australia's deadly snakes, crocodiles and dangerous spiders.

One very interesting fact that is pointed out, while Australia is home to the worlds most venomous snakes and spiders and our waters full of sharks and crocodiles, they shouldn't be regarded particularly dangerous, deadly or man eating, as there are fewer than 5 deaths per year directly attributed to these creatures. The modern car is something that should be made extinct, considering how many deaths they cause.

Don't forget to check out the 2800-year-old ancient Egyptian mummy, the fabulous macro photography of insects and bugs from Australian amateur and professional photographers and the Planet of Minerals Exhibition which showcases Australia's mining industry, precious stones and meteorites.

The Albert Chapman Mineral Collection is a wonderful display of what was a private collection of rocks and minerals by a resident of Sydney.

Image of skeletons. There is always a special visiting exhibition that makes it more than worthwhile to revisit Sydney Museum. Recently there was a Mammoth Exhibition, featuring fabulous life size models and an actual mammoth bone, which was found in Siberia.

This was particularly fascinating and for a small extra fee, something that was more than worth the price. Check the museum website for what is currently on at the time of your intended visit.

The Australian Museum is certainly well worth visiting for both locals and Sydney visitors and is placed high on our list of "Things to do and places to see in Sydney".

Cameras are allowed but you must not photograph Indigenous collections or anything that is copyright in it's own right.

Don't forget the great items in the gift shop on your way out and tell all your friends about the Sydney Museum so they can visit and enjoy the experience.

Australian Museum
6 College Street
NSW 2010

Opening Hours
9.30am to 5pm daily
(except Christmas Day)

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