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Sunshine Coast Underwater World Mooloolaba

Situated on the Mooloolaba Wharf, just a short stroll from the beach esplanade, Underwater World is a fabulous interactive aquarium with walk through shark tanks, seal shows, tropical touch pools and many interactive and informative features that will fascinate both young and old.

  Image of several varieties of fish at Underwater World Mooloolaba.

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Interactive "Touchpool at Sunshine Coast Underwater World. Underwater World Mooloolaba

Ever wanted to pucker up and kiss a seal or perhaps hand feed sharks? At the fabulous Sunshine Coast aquarium Underwater World, both of these things are possible, and so very much more.

Perhaps you may not be inclined to actually kiss a seal or get suited up to go diving with sharks, but there is so much you can do and enjoy at one of the best interactive aquariums found in Australia.

As you enter this fabulous underwater adventure, the first thing you experience is Stingray Reef, with a large collection of Brown Rays, Blue Spotted Fantail Rays and many more.

You then step over to the tropical touchpool where you can feel star fish, tropical sea cucumbers and other exotic creatures, with full informative and educational narrative from the experienced staff.

Sharks, freshwater crocodiles, massive barramundi, otters and seals may be the main attractions at Underwater World, yet turtles and fish of all species make for a fascinating journey that you can take hours and hours. Many people spend a full day to completely see and appreciate the numerous fish displays, interact with various exhibits and enjoy all the shows and trainer talks.

There is something particularly relaxing just watching seemingly carefree fish, gliding in tanks resembling their natural habitat. The fish tanks at Underwater World are designed so that the smallest visitor can easily see all the aquatic creatures, with fabulous lighting to show the occupants at their best. The colours and variety of fish is outstanding and it is amazing to view Lionfish, Stonefish, Rabbitfish, Seahorses and Pufferfish up close.

Image of shark tank tunnel with visitors looking at sharks.There are many shows throughout the day with the favorite being the "Seals Behaving Badly" shows at Seal Cove. You really have to see these naughty seals stealing the trainers fish while they are not looking and all the other antics that are so amusing to the audience.

Perhaps the trainers don't find it funny, but seals are such lovable creatures we are sure they won't hold a grudge.

There is one show each day called ‘Who’s Training Who?’ where you'll learn how the trainers communicate with the seals. This seal show is very informative and very funny.

Another crowd favorite is the Otters Show at 11.45 and again at 3.00pm, where you will learn how these wonderful and cute creatures clean their food before eating, seemingly go to the toilet in a designated area and cover over their mess and other interesting facts about otters in the wild.

Have your camera ready, as these frisky guys and gals will go to all lengths to get your attention and will pose for a shot or two.

Then there is the fabulous shark tank, an 80m tunnel with a moving walkway where you explore the coral reef, cave and open ocean! Be amazed by giant rays, colourful fish, moray eels and a number of different species of sharks including Grey Nurse Sharks, Sandbar Whalers, Whitetip Reef Sharks, Zebra Sharks and many more.

You are so close to the creatures in this underwater paradise, you really feel as if you could reach out and touch them as they glide silently by. The shark tank is a fascinating and humbling experience that you will not forget.

Living coral and tropical fish. Feeling hungry? Underwater World has a fabulous onsite cafe, or you can elect to go over to the adjoining Mooloolaba Wharf for a variety of delicious food outlets. Reentry to the aquarium is free as you get stamped so you can come and go as you please all day.

Don't forget to check out the gift store as you leave. There are some fantastic mementos and souvenirs to remind you of your visit to Underwater World.

Underwater World Mooloolaba is a fabulous day and very easy to find. There is plenty of parking available, plus there are many additional experiences available such as Diving with Sharks, Behind the Scenes tours, a variety of keeper talks, educational programs and you can even book a "Birthday Party" with Pirate, Mermaid, Shark or 'Nemo' themes, with the birthday girl or boy receiving a big wet kiss from a seal.

Underwater World, Sunshine Coast
Parkyn Parade,
Mooloolaba QLD 4557

(Directly opposite Mooloolaba Wharf and just off River Esplanade, close to the Mooloolaba Life Saving Club.)



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