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Mooloolaba Canal Cruise Review

Take a cruise of the calm Mooloolaba Canal and see the dream houses of the mega rich.

Whether you want to dream of the day when you will live on the canal or just admire the many multi million dollar properties, the Mooloolaba Canal Cruise will allow you to see these mansions close up.

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Mooloolaba River Canal Cruise Review

Image of multi million dollar canal home.Operating from the Mooloolaba Wharf 3 times a day is a fabulous canal cruise, that will surely get your head dreaming of mansions and the lifestyle of the mega rich.

Fabulous Sunshine Coast waterfront mansions, with price tags of up to 10 million dollars, stand proudly along the waters edge and are certain dream catchers for those wishing for a better life.

The Canal Cruise Company operates from the Mooloolaba Wharf aboard the restored river ferry " Mudjimba" Your skipper keeps up a very informative commentary, as you cruise the Kawana Canals and Mooloolah River Islands.

One of the many highlights of the canal cruise is the opportunity to take a photo of the late Steve Irwin's boat "Croc One". This is the boat that Steve Irwin was diving from on that fateful day a stingray took his life. The luxurious Croc One is rarely used now, and stays moored outside the Irwin's house on the canal's waterfront.

When the land first was offered for sale, people regarded the Sunshine Coast canal area as a possible flood catastrophe and shied away from buying blocks. Going for as little as seven thousand dollars, people with foresight cashed in big time.

The area was flood free when Brisbane was badly flooded in 1974, which started a building spree and today a waterfront block would sell for over 1 million dollars. That is if any were to become available.

Image of Croc One, Steve Irwin's luxury boat.The cruise will take you past the Mooloolaba Marina and the local Sunshine Coast fishing fleet, where prawn and tuna trawlers tie up to unload their fresh catch and make ready for another days work.

If they are around, the skipper will slow and feed the pelicans that frequent the area or give the many silver gulls a few fish as you pass by.

Yet it is the luxurious houses that steal the show as you gently glide in the calm water of the canal and lagoons. The Mooloolaba Canal Cruise is deemed as one of the best attractions of the Sunshine Coast area and we can wholeheartedly give the cruise our personal tick of approval.

The cruise takes just over an hour and at the price, is well worth the money. A great value packed cruise and certain to start you dreaming of a better life.

Tickets are available direct at the Mooloolaba Wharf near Underwater World. Booking ahead is not necessary. Tours commence at 11-00am, 1.00pm & 2-30pm (extra cruises during School Holidays). Prices and times subject to change at operators discrection.


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