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Steve Irwin Australia Zoo Sunshine Coast

Australia Zoo crocodile feeding show. Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo at Beerwah is arguably the main attraction on the fabulous Sunshine Coast of Queensland.

Developed with animal comfort as a priority, Australia Zoo is famous for the daily crocodile feeding show in the spacious Crocoseum.

One of the highlights of the zoo is the opportunity to hand feed the elephants. There are plenty of things to do and see and just a day at the zoo doesn't seem to be enough time to see and experience it all.

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Image of child patting a kangaroo.Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo Review

Is Australia Zoo worth visiting? We recently spent a full day at the zoo to find out. Let's take a good look and see if it is.

While the Australia Zoo at Beewah may not have the variety of animals as some of the country's major zoo's such as Sydney's Taronga Zoo, what it does have is a range of quality animals in large enclosures, which panders to the late Steve Irwin's idea that "If animals are to be held in captivity, then they are to live in luxury."

The fearsome, man eating, salt water crocodile, is the main attraction at Australia Zoo, keeping in mind that Steve Irwin was known across the world as the Crocodile Hunter. Steve's influence is still great today, with staff referring to Steve in everything they do and everything they say.

Yet Australia Zoo isn't really about Steve, Bindi or Terri, it is about showcasing the animals and making them as visible as possible so the public can appreciate and enjoy these fabulous creatures, while learning of their habits and place in natures chain. The animals are very much the star atractions.

In the centre of the zoo is the large Crocoseum, where daily crocodile feeding shows entertain visitors. The show kicks off with a free flight bird show, featuring colorful macaws, parrots, cockatoos and lorikeets. Plus the elephants come for a visit and trainers bring out some huge snakes which simply amaze all.

Then the crocodiles make their entry and trainers risk life and limb to show you how these fascinating creatures take their food. This is a very good show, exceptionally educational as well as highly entertaining.

Hand feeding an elephant at the Australia Zoo. The croc show in the spacious Crocoseum is the pinnacle of any visit, yet there are other fabulous experiences that are just not possible anywhere but at the Australia Zoo.

Each morning visitors have the opportunity to hand feed elephants. Yes, this truly is a magnificent life experience that will never be forgotten.

Elephants are amazing creatures and in just 11 minutes, hundreds of visitors can step up and feed these enormous and gentle creatures some fruit, straight from their hand.

Luckily the staff also provides a bucket of water to wash your hand, as the elephants do leave a little snotty residue, which is such a minor inconvenience.

Hand feeding an elephant is so very special, a little elephant nose snot will never take away from the gentleness and feel of these fabulous animals. Make sure you and your child experience hand feeding elephants.

Another hands on experience is the opportunity to pat a kangaroo. Overseas visitors and children especially love patting kangaroos. The large kangaroo enclosure contains wallaroos, rock wallabies and many other species of this iconic Australian animal. You can purchase bags of kangaroo feed and the roos will take the food from your hand. These animals must be the best fed kangaroos in Australia.

Enter the Koala Walkthrough exhibit and get up close and personal to these wonderful and cuddly creatures. If they are in a good mood, you may be able to give these furry creatures a pat and feel the softness of their coat.

Koalas are regarded as vulnerable animals in the wild and are treated like royalty at the Australian Zoo. Another highlight of the Australian Zoo, pat a koala. Koalas do sleep around 20 hours a day, so if they are active when you visit, you have been given a bonus.

Image of cute koala of Australia Zoo. Other animals to admire include Platypus, Echidnas, Tasmanian Devils, Cassowaries, Snakes, Tigers, Red Pandas and many more.

Alligators and fresh water crocodiles, monster turtles, wombats, snakes and lizards and a special kids zoo where you can play with goats and other farmyard animals. But for me it was about the salties and the elephants.

Australia Zoo is an amazing experience, perhaps a little too commercial for some, yet it is about the animals that are the centre piece.

Steve Irwin did some amazing work toward the awareness of the plight of endangered animals. His memory and influence will remain strong forever. Kids loved Steve and they adore Bindi, who is now being presented as the leading figure at Australia Zoo.

Forget about the hoo-ha and razzmatazz and simply enjoy a very spectacular zoo where the animals come first, live in large enclosures and are treated like royalty.

Is Australia Zoo worth visiting? I can't wait for the opportunity to visit Australia Zoo again!

Getting to Australia Zoo is easy. If self driving, all major roads are sign posted with directions. Free car parking is available on-site. There is a free Australia Zoo return bus service, from Noosa, Mooloolaba and Maroochydore, which must be pre-booked. See your hotel reception for booking details.

The extensive food court has a large variety of meals and snacks, at resonable prices, to cater for most appetites and diets. Rest rooms are clean and in good supply. You don't have to buy souvenirs, but there are plenty of gift shops with unique Australian Zoo mementos. Roving photographers are available so you can take home a professional photo interacting with certain animals.

(The experiences and review posted on this webpage are entirely our personal opinion. We found all staff friendly and informative. Interaction with animals a superb experience and the free bus service from Mooloolaba fast, efficient and safe. We consider the Australia Zoo a wonderful experience, well worth the admission price, and a special place for children to learn about animals and enjoy a hands on outdoor adventure.)


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