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Port Douglas Wildlife Habitat

One of the most enjoyable attractions in Port Douglas is the Wildlife Habitat. A sanctuary for injured birds, reptiles and native animals which has grown to almost zoo proportions.

Primarily a bird sanctuary, there are 3 separate enclosures that house birds, a number of wallabies, kangaroos and an enclosure of freshwater and saltwater crocodiles.

Situated on the main road into Port Douglas, just a block from the Captain Cook Highway, there is ample free parking available or you can catch the local shuttle bus from most accommodation resorts.

Be prepared to spend quite a few hours in this amazing Wildlife Habitat. There is a large variety of birds and animals to see.

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Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas

You come away from the Port Douglas Wildlife Habitat with a feeling you want to go back. That's a real endorsement of the level of enjoyment everyone gets from this amazing place. The good news is, when you pay your entrance fee for one day, you are given free entry if you return the next day. But this 2 day pass is only valid for consecutive days.

EmuOf course being photographers, we did take the free day offered and filled in 2 complete days of total concentration behind the lens. There are just so many exceptional species of birds and animals to see and photograph that we could have spent an entire week inside. What an amazing place.

I wrote a blog post about the Wildlife Habitat which has many of our photographs you may enjoy. As I am writing this webpage, my partner is printing some of these very images which will be hung in our own house. Because you are close to the animals, this is the type of quality photos that you can also take home from a visit to Port Douglas Wildlife Habitat.

There were many standout experiences that we shared, some of them were actually interactive with the birds and animals. One of the many thrills was getting to hold a black cockatoo, and being told "I Love You" by a Rainbow Lorikeeet was out of this world.

The management really planned the Habitat experience well. A lot of the time is spent on boardwalks that are up in the trees with the birds. It's a gentle grade to go high so they are completely wheelchair safe. Being at eye level with the birds gives you a better perspective on their habits. They all seem to have their own unique personalities, so if you just sit still and watch them, you will see some of their more unusual antics.

tree kangarooThe walk through animal shelter is where you can pat and hand feed kangaroos or wallaby's and get friendly with the large emu. He's a pretty docile character so you can give his wiry feathers a pat.

There is a special enclosure to check out while your with the kangaroos. It's Lumholtz's Tree Kangaroo and the mother has a young one, about a year old. Awesome to see as these are really rare.

It wouldn't be a north Queensland wildlife park without a koala exhibition and of course crocodiles. Both are on display in separate enclosures of course. Not good allowing those huge crocs to eat a koala or two for dinner.

There is a very nice cafe for cold drinks or snacks. You can have lunch, which is a buffet barbecue worth every cent. While you are dining, staff members will come around and introduce you to some special characters. Have your cameras ready as this is a real opportunity to take home shots holding some amazing birds.

You can opt for a guided tour, which is very informative or use the map and tour the Habitat at your leisure. One thing is sure, you will enjoy your day as there are so many animals to see, you probably will need to come again if you have the time.

The Port Douglas Wildlife Habitat is really good for both young and old. You can spend just a few hours or enjoy the awesome wildlife all day. There are a great number of different species of birds and animals to give variety and keep all interested for many hours.

Highly recommended for all visitors to Cairns and Port Douglas. Plan a full day to make the most of your experience.