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Quicksilver Cruise Port Douglas Great Barrier Reef

Image of Great Barrier reef from air.Luxury Quicksilver Wavepiercer catamaran cruise to Agincourt Reef. Cruise from Port Douglas Marina to Great Barrier Reef for fun filled day of snorkeling, swimming and coral viewing. Any Port Douglas cruise to the Great Barrier Reef is a spectacular day of snorkelling on the worlds greatest reef.

This Quicksilver cruise takes you to Agincourt Reef, a sheltered strip of coral on the edge of The Great Barrier Reef, ideal for snorkelling or a scuba dive. This cruise is an affordable day trip where there are thousands of marine creatures just waiting to meet you.

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Quicksilver Outer Great Barrier Reef Cruise from Port Douglas

This is possibly the best cruise for those wishing to see the Great Barrier Reef while holidaying in Port Douglas. With many added extras, plus a delicious lunch, the Quicksilver cruise aboard Wavepiercer luxury catamaran to the Outer Barrier Reef is a day filled with fun and surprises.

Snorkelling with turtles.At Agincourt Reef, Quicksilver has a dual level platform that makes it ideal to see the reef in many ways. Snorkeling in the sheltered water is the best way to see the colorful reef up close but there is a semi submersible and an underwater observatory for those who don't want to get wet.

For those who have never experienced snorkelling on the Barrier Reef, you are in for the most incredible day ever. You may be lucky on the day to snorkel with a turtle. I was and have a photo to prove it.

Fish are not scared of you. In fact they are as curious of you, as you are of them. Some may even challenge you if they think you are too close to their home. It's unreal to see a small fish guarding their piece of coral.

Another great thing about snorkelling is the amount of beautiful coral formations just a meter or so below you. You can go as slow as you wish, making sure you see the detail in the coral outcrops. Once you have snorkelled the reef, you will want to do it again and again for the rest of your life.

The Great Barrier Reef has many beautiful fish, yet the amount of Parrot Fish will knock your socks off. These are so beautiful, with the males being more colorful than the females. Some of the markings on the male Parrot Fish will amasze you.

The cruise from Port Douglas to Agincourt Reef takes about an hour and a half, during which time you can watch a snorkeling instruction presentation so you can apply the correct techniques when you arrive at the reef.

You have an underwater viewing platform, glass bottom boat cruises, semi submarine coral viewing and a multi level pontoon all at your service on the day. It's like being in wonderland.

Quicksilver platform at Agincout reef. There are a few optional activities such as the famous Ocean Walker - Helmet Diving, a guided snorkeling tour and introductory and certified scuba diving.

All necessary equipment is supplied and you are guaranteed a really enjoyable day on the Great Barrier Reef. Book your Port Douglas Quicksilver Cruise online.

We snorkel the reef a lot and do underwater photography. We live in the Whitsundays area. We consider that this location is equal to or better than the Whitsundays. It hurts to say it, Agincourt Reef is much better really.


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