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Perth Wave Rock Day Tour

Wave Rock, Hyden, Western Australia

If you like natural geological formations then you are going to enjoy the Wave Rock tour immensely. Travel through the beautiful Avon Valley of Western Australia, then on to Hyden, home to some of the most fascinating rock formations in the world, Wave Rock and Hippos Yawn.

This tour is something that the photographer will enjoy and the sightseeing in this part of the world is really unbelievable.

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Wave Rock, York, Wildflowers and Aboriginal Cultural Tour from Perth

Hippos Yawn rock Formation, Hyden. Depart Perth early as this is a long day trip into the southeast of Western Australia.

First stop is the town of York in the Avon Valley. York is historic in that it was founded in 1831 and was the first inland European settlement in WA.

You then reboard the air-conditioned coach and set out for the popular Hyden. Hyden is located 330 km east of Perth, and is the base to explore the natural formations, the most famous being Wave Rock.

Before lunch you will visit Hippos Yawn, a spectacular rock formation. One look and you understand how it got the name. Lunch is taken at the Wildflower Shop.

Then it's off to see the spectacular Wave Rock. Wave Rock is about 110 meters long and 15 meters high and really resembles a perfect surfers wave in the ocean.

Many people wonder how wave rock was formed. Experts believe the feature has been formed by weathering and water erosion, which has undercut the base, leaving a rounded overhang. However it was formed it is absolutely stunning and certainly worth the visit.

Aboriginal art rock painting inside Mulkas Cave. You then visit the ancient Gnamma Holes, these are holes dug by aboriginal to collect water and usually found in a series of three holes. See The Humps, beautiful granite outcrops and finally Mulka's Cave, a place with many well preserved examples of beautiful aboriginal art cave paintings.

There is a fascinating aboriginal legend associated with Mulkas Cave and how Mulka's handprints, on the walls of the cave, are higher than others of his tribe.

Tour operates daily leaving Perth Sightseeing Centre at 8.00am and returning around 8:30pm. This is a long tour yet fresh and exciting. Truly a tour you will remember forever.


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