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Rottnest Island Day Tour from Perth

Rottnest Island Western Australia

There's a lot more to Rottnest Island than those cute Quokkas. Just off the coast, Rottnest Island has been the playground of Perth for many years and all visitors to Perth must spend at least a day on this unspoiled island.

Take this great day tour to Rottnest Island, meet a Quokka and enjoy the sun and sand. It's a fabulous day you will remember.

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Rottnest Island Day Tour from Perth

This day tour to Rottnest Island is a fabulous way to see this wonderful subtropical paradise and enjoy the sea views and unique wildlife, especially the cute Quokkas.

There are an estimated 10,000 Quokkas on Rottnest Island and these cute animals have become major tourist attractions and they seem to like their star status. They have become very friendly creatures and will come right up sometimes for a pat. You can get some great photos with quokkas, but it is against the law to feed them.

A friendly Quokka of Rottnest Island near someones feet. Quokkas are not just unique to Rottnest Island, they are also found on Bald Island, in the Stirling Ranges and the Swan coastal plain near Perth. The first white men thought they were overgrown rats and the Island was known as Rats Nest, which eventually became Rottnest.

Quokkas are related to kangaroos and carry their babies in a pouch. They breed once per year with one child per year. Male Quokkas are called boomers, females fliers and the young joeys.

This rottnest Island tour includes an optional 2 course lunch plus a 2 hour coach tour of the Island. You will see the beautiful unspoiled beaches, emerald waters and reefs, boardwalks and coastal heath.

Tour prices start around AUD $135.00 per person with all transfers to and from Barrack Street Jetty. Hotel pickup is available.

Rottnest Island Day Tour depart 8.30 am Perth daily and returns to Perth around 6.00pm. It is certainly one of the best day tours that is available in Perth and Rottnest Island is a must see tourist destination.

Don't let the locals keep it for themselves, see Rottnest Island while in Perth.


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