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Perth to Monkey Mia 4 Day Tour

Interacting with Monkey Mia Wild Dolphins

This fabulous tour from Perth to see the famous Monkey Mia dolphins doesn't cost a fortune, yet takes you on a delightful journey to see the very best that Western Australia has to offer.

Come with us through the Pinnacles Desert, have a go at sandboarding, then on to Monkey Mia and Shark Bay for an adventure into the wilds of Western Australia.

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4 Day Monkey Mia 4WD Adventure

With overnight stays on genuine sheep stations, adventure trips in rugged country and the sights of the Pinnacles Desert and Monkey Mia dolphins, this tour is one of the best and cheapest around.

Start the 4 day journey with a visit to Lancelin Beach for a bit of fun sanboarding down the massive dunes.

Next up is the Pinnacles Desert, an amazing collection of sandstone monuments sticking up out of the sand. Eerie to say the least, yet somewhat beautiful in it's own way as you appreciated the forces of nature. Then onto Horrocks Beach for the first nights accommodation at what is now a sheep station.

Day 2 takes you to Kalbarri National Park for some stunning views of massive gorges and rugged outcrops. Then north to Shark Bay for a look at the fascinating Stromatolites. Shark Bay is so significant that it has been listed as World Heritage Area so there is some superlative natural phenomena surprises waiting for you. Finally on day 2 you arrive for the night at Monkey Mia.

Image of Stromolites of Shark Bay Western Australia. You spend the morning of day 3 with the wild dolphins of Monkey Mia. Hopefully they come and cooperate with the tour group but seeing as they are wild dolphins, nobody can guarantee they will show up, they usually do and for the past 30 years people have been entertained by these friendly dolphins.

After lunch we make our way to Northhampton for the evening accommodation stop.

Day 4 and the tour makes it's way back to Perth with stops at Yanchep National Park, where you will have lunch overlooking Lake McNess. Visit an Aboriginal community and time with the Noongar people.

You arrive back in Perth around 5.30 pm truly satisfied with a tour that is something you will remember forever.

This is a budget tour with all meals and accommodation supplied. An absolute bargain. Book online now and make sure of your seat on the bus.


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