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Tudor Miniature Village Fitzroy Gardens Melbourne

Shakespears Model House. Firzroy Gardens Model Tudor Village. Melbourne.

Tudor Model Village in Fitzroy Gardens was presented to the people of Victoria by the appreciative citizens of Lambeth England, in gratitude for all Victorian's generosity, sending the city much needed food parcels during World War 2.

Situated near the centre of Fitzroy Gardens, the miniature village is a popular attraction with children. The miniature Tudor Village is a display that adds a touch of charm to this wonderful parkland that is within walking distance of the Melbourne CBD.

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Fitzroy Gardens Tudor Model Village

Some model Tudor Buildings in the Tudor Miniature Village, Fitzroy Gardens. Just about in the centre of Melbourne's Fitzroy Gardens, nestles a lovely and quaint miniature, Tudor styled, model village, which was a gift by the citizens of Lambeth, England, to the City of Melbourne, in appreciation of food parcels donated by the residents of Victoria during and after World War Two.

The village consists of small scale models of typical Kentish style houses, constructed during the Tudor period in England, from 1485 to 1603.

This exhibition of miniature houses should not be confused with Cockington Green Gardens in Canberra. While they are of similar design, the Tudor Villiage exhibit in the Fitzroy Gardens is much smaller that their Canberra counterparts.

The village was opened by the then Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Cr Raymond Connelly, on 21 May 1948. The model maker was Edgar Wilson, a 77-year-old gentleman who built three such villages.

Within the model village there is a replica of the residence of literary giant William Shakespeare and his wife Anne Hathaway. The Model Tudor Village is situated adjacent to the carved Fairies Tree, and close to Pavillions Cafe.

The children love to see the little houses, and so too do adults.


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