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Fitzroy Gardens Melbourne

Dolphin Fountain Image Fitzroy Gardens Melbourne Since the early days of Victoria, Fitzroy Gardens has been an important recreation area and green belt parkland refuge for the growing metropolis of Melbourne.

With a long history, Fitzroy Gardens has been a refuge for many famous people seeking a gentler pace from the hustle and bustle of a major city. With many fine examples of fountains, sculptures and statues, the Melbourne Fitzroy gardens are a living treasure.

Today, Fitzroy Gardens holds some historic attractions, such as Captain Cooks Cottage, Conservatory and and of course, the famous Fairy Tree. The park is a quiet place for locals and tourists to enjoy, all just a short stroll from the Melbourne CBD..

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Fitzroy Gardens Melbourne

Just a short stroll from the top end of Collins Street, just behind the Victorian Government Treasury buildings, lies this perfect green paradise that is the Fitzroy Gardens.

Considered among Melbourne's best gardens, rivaled only by the Royal Botanic Gardens, the Fitzroy Gardens has a history dating back some 150 years since first established in 1864 by the Colonial Government.

Named after Sir Charles Augustus Fitzroy, who was the Governor General of the Australian Colonies from 1851 to 1855, Fitzroy Gardens is home to some important tourist attractions such as:

Cooks Cottage Fitzroy Gardens Many tour companies make the Fitzroy Gardens one of their stops with overseas visitors enjoying the wide open spaces, historic buildings and fabulous flora and fauna.

At the weekends it is one of Melbourne's popular wedding venues for both ceremonies and photo shoots.

Getting to the Fitzroy Gardens is an easy walk. From the steps of the Victorian Parliament House, walk down past the Treasury Buildings, through Treasury Gardens and across the road into the Fitzroy Gardens.

Facilities include swings and slides for children, park benches, picnic spots, toilets and in the centre of the gardens, Pavilion Cafe, where you can have a light refreshments, coffee and book a function.

Fitzroy Gardens is a fabulous spot to spend a quick visit to see the historic Cooks Cottage, Fairies Tree and Observatory or to spend some enjoyable peaceful hours among the flower gardens, statuettes and special features.

The Fitzroy Gardens are managed by the City of Melbourne and was listed by the National Trust in 2000. Bring the kids to the Fitzroy Gardens, as they will have fun on the Dragon Slide and will also love the Fairy Tree.



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