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Port Arthur Day Tour Hobart

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Image of Port Arthur ruins, Tasmania.

They say ghosts wander the ruins of Port Arthur at night and you can certainly imagine that this is true, due to the brutal past of the Port Arthur convict settlement. This great Hobart to Port Arthur Bus Tour takes in all the historic sights and includes a cruise to the Isles of the Dead.

This is easily the best day tour from Hobart to Port Arthur convict ruins. Bus tour from Hobart with guided tour of Port Arthur ruins. Pay respects at Port Arthur massacre memorial, then enjoy Isle of the Dead cruise. Fantastic 8 hour bus trip Hobart to Port Arthur.

Part of the original Port Arthur convict settlement to the south of Hobart.Journey some 60 kilometers south to see the ruins of the famous penal settlement of Port Arthur on this wonderful bus trip from Hobart. With an additional cruise on Carnarvon Bay to the Isle of the Dead for a 45 minute guided tour, this is certainly regarded as the premier tour to the former convict settlement.

Port Arthur began as a small timber station in 1830 and quickly grew to an important penal colony with over 1100 inmates by the mid 1840's.

Industries such as shoemaking, smithing, timber and brick making were established and the need for convict labour was high. Unfortunately the growth lasted but a few decades and by the 1870's less convicts were shipped to the colony and industry was stagnating.

The last convict was shipped out in 1877. Devastating fires in 1895 and again in 1897, destroyed many old buildings and gutted the penitentiary, separate prison and hospital, thus Port Arthur was transformed from a penal colony to a tourist attraction that has continued until today.

Remains of historic buildnings at Port Arthur. The historic site has been managed by The Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority since 1987, with funding for conservation work provided by the Tasmanian Government.

This delightful tour takes you on a 90 minute guided tour of the Port Arthur historical site. After the historical walk you will be transfered to Canarvon Bay for a cruise and guided tour of the Isle of the Dead, plus a tour of the former boys prison at Point Puer.

An exceptional day tour of around an 8 hour duration. Includes hotel pickup and drop off at central hobart hotels, all entry and cruise fees. Tour operates everyday between September and April. Cost is around $135.00 per adult.

Grand Port Arthur Tour is the most popular tour of all that is available from Hobart.