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National Dinosaur Museum Canberra

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Image of the entrance and building of the National Dinosaur Museum. Canberra Dinosaur Museum is located 15 kilometers north of Canberra City Centre in Gold Creek Village, near Cockington Green Gardens and The Australian Reptile Centre. The National Dinosaur Museum is a wonderful adventure delving into the world of prehistoric dinosaurs and fossils.

Open from 10am to 5pm daily, the National Dinosaur Museum Canberra has been one of the major tourist attractions of the Nations Capital City since 1994.

Allow at least 2 hours to browse the various displays and learn about dinosaurs and prehistoric fossils.

Skull of Tyrannosaurus rex.The National Dinosaur Museum has on display some 25 different dinosaurs and over 300 various fossils dating back from the Triassic Period some 245 million years ago.

Visitors are free to wander the galleries and marvel at the various skeletal remains of these prehistoric creatures, wonder at the size of these massive beasts and perhaps ponder why they became extinct.

Everybody likes the Tyrannosaurus Rex, who was regarded as the most ferocious carnivore at the time. Luckily for man, the ferocious dinosaurs were extinct before we came along, otherwise man could have been made extinct by the Tyrannosaurus Rex, who would have regarded humans as an excellent food source.

Australia doesn't have much of a history of finding many dinosaur fossils, yet the museum is blessed to have 2 of the most important finds in Australia as part of their display. The Muttaburrasaurus and Minmi, both of which were found in Queensland.

Model of Muttabuttasaurus There is a wealth of educational material and excellent information about the various timeline for dinosaurs, yet it is the stunning visual presentation of bones, skulls and skeletons that attract visitors from all corners of the world to the National Dinosaur Museum.

How Do You Get To The National Dinosaur Museum?

Traveling from the Canberra City Centre, take Northbourne Avenue toward Sydney. Turn left onto the Barton Highway, toward Yass. Continue on Barton Highway for approx. 5 minutes and turn right into Gold Creek Road.

If you look for the signs to Cockington Green Gardens or Gold Creek Village, you can't miss the National Dinosaur Museum.

National Dinosaur Museum
Gold Creek Village
Gold Creek Road & Barton Highway
Nicholls ACT 2913