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Cockington Green Miniature Village Canberra

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Entrance building of Cockington Green Gardens Miniature Village, Canberra.

This is one of my absolutely favorite places in Australia. I still get a rush of delight when looking back over the images we took on a visit some years ago.

The whole display at Cockington Green Gardens, from the houses to the little people, are amazing. We spent an entire day here and wanted more daylight. A really amazing place.

Cockington Green Gardens is much more than just a small collection of miniature buildings. It is a colorful and informative display, with village dwellings made to scale depicting actual buildings from around the world.

A visit to Cockington Green Gardens is a must for all visitors to Canberra, and if you are a local, then you are fortunate, as we are sure you must visit this peaceful and wonderful attraction often.

People of all ages love the miniature buildings of Cockington Green. There really is something here that everybody can enjoy. For the girls, once inside the grounds themselves, look for the Secret Fairy Garden with many elves, fairies, goblins and dwarfs.

This is a shady spot with a model train running through the Secret Fairy Garden that you can operate by pushing a button. What a grand start to a wonderful day of discovery.

For the boys, that isn't the only model train at Cockington Green Gardens. There is the grand scale model of the InterCity 125 high speed train that operates throughout Britain by British Rail.

Also in the International Exhibition there is a fabulous model steam train, with dual tracks and 2 trains. This runs through most of that particular display. Both can be operated by pushing a button, but be quick as those older boys, like your fathers, try to keep it for themselves.

Young or old, the miniature buildings, manicured gardens, gorgeous flower beds, small miniature people and animals, make such a display that many, many hours can be enjoyed just wandering and marveling at all the various models and miniatures.

You can take a larger train ride around the gardens if your feeling tired or just enjoy the view from a different perspective as you ride the rails. There is a wonderful cafe with coffee and refreshments that will tempt the taste buds of all and don't forget to take a memento home as you leave through the Souvenir Shop.

Look at the miniature displays carefully, as there are many humorous models that you could easily miss. One such display is at the miniature soccer field. Here there are hundreds watching the game from the grandstand and lo and behold, a streaker interrupts play.

Based on an actual incident at Twickenham Stadium, England, in 1979, Michael O'Brien became the first person to streak in England and was escorted off the field shielded only by a policeman's hat. O'Brien was fined 10 Pounds and the Bobby's Hat was sold at auction in the year 2000 for 2,400 British Pounds.

Who won the football match? Nobody remembers.

We hope that this webpage will surely whet your appetite and make you pencil in a trip to Cockington Green Gardens in the near future.