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Ayers Rock Observatory Tour

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Astrology imageAyers Rock Star Tour
See desert night skies through powerful telescope

Ayers Rock Observatory Tour with expert astrologer to show you the stars through powerful telescopes. This is a wonderful night star show in the Australian desert. Check with your Ayers Rock accommodation tour desk for availablity of this tour.

The desert skies are fabulous at night, and the desert is a place where you are englfed beneath a canopy of twinking stars so bright, that you can use them as illumination to see where you are going.

Night skyThe stars seem to be brighter in the desert because there are no city lights to dull their appearance. Here is the perfect spot to see the constellations and have an expert astrologer point out the the more recognizable objects in the night sky and perhaps some Nebulae activity may be visible through the telescopes.
(Astro photo courtesy of Matties-shoes photostream.)

The astronomer will lead you through the skies, through our galaxy and beyond, showing you many wonderful constellations and Galaxies, also explaining how to use the stars as navigation, especially how to find South using the Southern Cross.

Sessions are conducted in English plus there is one session in Japanese.

Check at your accommodation tour desk for the availability of this tour. There are times that this is not available and online bookings are not provided.