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Ayers Rock Dot Painting Tour

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Learn Aboriginal Dot Painting Ayers Rock

Aboriginal elder explaining dot painting techniques. Tour of Ayers Rock Aboriginal Cultural Centre with dot painting workshop. Hear of the deep meanings of aboriginal customs and learn the art of dot painting.

Dot paintings tell a story handed down through the years by tribal elders or something the artist themselves have experienced. The painting depicts the fabulous bond between the land, native animals and the people. This is something very profound and a last memory of your time at Uluru Ayers Rock.

This tour will certainly delight the artist that lies within. You will be taken from your Ayers Rock Resort accommodation to the Aboriginal Cultural Centre where the Anangu people will show you their ways and teach you the art of traditional Dot Painting.

Aboriginal dot paintings tell stories of meaning, usually from the artists memory. They could depict hunting or gathering of food, stories related by elders and remembered by the particular artist or stories from the Dreamtime.

Dot paintings usually have traditional aboriginal symbols within the paintings many thousands of dots and it is these symbols that give deep meaning to the paintings.

You will be shown how to compose a dot painting yourself and use the materials to paint your own which you take as a memento of the most ancient art.

The Aboriginal dot painting workshop is a wonderful opportunity to gain a first hand insight into the proud culture of the Anangu people, their customs and beliefs.

Dot Painting Ayers Rock Workshop Includes:

  • Ayers Rock hotel pick up and drop off
  • Painting materials and information sheets
  • Transportation in air-conditioned vehicles
  • Aboriginal Language Interpreter