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Uluru Ayers Rock Guided Tours

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Uluru Ayers Rock Tours

Fun Tours present tours and accommodation bookings at Uluru, Ayers Rock. Book Yalara, Ayers Rock Resort hotel, find interesting tours and things to see.

Most people either self drive to Ayers Rock, fly in either to Alice Springs then shuttle to Uluru, or fly direct to Ayers Rock Airport.

While Uluru is the main attraction, there are also huge rock formations at Kata Tjuta (The Olgas), and a third lesser known monolith is Mt Conner.

Add to this impressive list of attractions the spectacular Kings Canyon and a holiday in the harsh outback turns to a wonderland of delightful experiences.

Accommodation in the remote areas of Australia is not plentiful and certainly not cheap. What accommodation there is, is usually very well kept, clean, comfortable and very friendly. It pays to book well ahead of your travel dates to make sure you get a reservation that suits your required itinerary.

Uluru is amazing to see at both sunrise and sunset. The changing colours are due to the amounts of mineral deposits within the rocks of Central Australia. Colours change from brown to pink to red to purple, this is what thousands come to see each year.

Mighty Uluru, Ayers Rock.But there is so much more to Uluru than watching the changing colours.

There are guided tours around the base with aboriginal guides, moonlight dinner at the restaurant in the desert, tours to nearby Kings Canyon and Kata Tjuta, helicopter flights and the Aboriginal Cultural Centre.

Perhaps you would like to climb Ayers Rock or take a camel ride at sunset. Yes, there are many things to do which could take 3 or 4 days, so plan your itinerary and then book ahead.

Use the navigation to the right and find some interesting things that you may like to see while at Uluru.