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New Zealand Overlander Train Journey

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The Overlander Train Service from Auckland to Wellington should be regarded as one of the great train journeys of the world.

Arguably the most enjoyable travel option between Auckland and Wellington, the Overlander train service runs daily between the two cities, plus makes stops at stations in between to pick up and set down passengers.

New Zealand train travel through spectacular countryside.Departing from Auckland each morning at 7:25am, The Overlander Train is the best way to travel from Auckland to Wellington, and stations in between, in comfort and style.

The special built scenic carriages allow travelers to sit back and watch the beautiful scenery of the New Zealand countryside, through large panoramic windows.

With drinks and snacks being available for purchase onboard, the Overlander train is a cost efficient, stress free travel option, where you arrive at your destination relaxed and ready for more adventure.

Train travel in New Zealand ranks right up there with the best train journeys of the world, due to the rolling farmlands, steep gorges and spectacular mountain scenery.

You travel through the heart of New Zealand's north island, with stops for those wishing to visit places such as Hamilton, or the ski area of National Park. This is the only way to travel

Some Saturdays a steam train pulls the carriages, which makes the journey that little more of an adventure.

The complete trip from Auckland to Wellington takes around 12 hours to complete, with a short break at National Park of about 45 minutes where you can stretch the legs and enjoy lunch and marvel at the scenery.

Book online directly with Tranz Scenic, the operators of the New Zealand Overlander Train Journey.