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Adelaide, South Australia. Sightseeing Tours Adelaide & Online Accommodation Bookings

Torrens River and War Memorial Bridge, Adelaide.Adelaide became the capital of South Australia in 1836 and the city was planned by Colonel William Light with wide streets in a grid like pattern.

The plan carried the city through to today without needing major road reconstruction. This shows the incredible foresight that Colonel William Light possessed.

Today Adelaide is a bustling, yet reserved city, with a population of around 1.1 million inhabitants. A beautiful city of wide streets surrounded by parks and gardens with the River Torrens meandering into the Gulf of St Vincent.

There are a multitude of interesting things to do and places to see in Adelaide and visitors always enjoy a tour to the world famous Barossa Valley, which is one of the most famous wine growing regions in the world.

Memorial to William Light who drew the plans for the City of Adelaide. A trip to Glenelg on the historic tram is a must for all tourists and through the pages on this website we will endeavor to showcase the best Adelaide tours, great accommodation plus other interesting things that you and your family may enjoy while on holiday in this vibrant city.

One of the worlds greatest travel destinations is Kangaroo Island. If you are coming to Adelaide for any reason, make sure you add a day or two extra to your itinerary for a tour. It is an environment that is second to none and at least a day trip to this unique island is highly recommended.

Adelaide is also known as the Festival City with many special events throughout the year. From the Adelaide Festival of Arts to the German Cultural Festival called Schützenfest, a fun filled festival of beer, wine, German food, dances and music, the festivities seem never ending.

So come and see Adelaide. Enjoy all the good places , events and sightseeing opportunities. Above all else, have a good time and take home lots of memories and consider returning again some day soon.

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